Fool for Love

About the project:

The coexistence in time and space of poetry, passion, irony, intrigue and cruelty, the emotional contrast
that floods the piece from beginning to end, make "Fool for Love
" a text that is difficult not to be captured by, with all the elements integrated harmonically, full of scenic possibilities.
"Fool for Love
" is the story of two sentimental losers, convinced of the impossibility of leaving
of such situation. Do not forget that Eddie and May, the protagonists, ambiguous characters that
both debate between a heroic past and a harsh present, are half-brothers; but the real conflict
of both goes further, imprisoned as they have feelings that do not lead anywhere.

Even being fully aware of it, they prefer to continue with that suffering before discovering that they really have nowhere to go. The legend scenario from which their roots come has disappeared and, not finding what they are looking for, they use their dreams as throwing weapons. The uneasiness, pain, passion and obsession are part of that disease called love, a fundamental human impulse that makes us victims of our emotions, an uncontrollable feeling that produces a sudden change in our conscience, which in the same way that appears suddenly (as it happens to Eddie and May) can vanish at any time.

About the Author:

Sam Shepard. The actor, playwright, screenwriter, musician, and director Samuel Shepard Rogers was born in Fort Sheridan (Illinois, United States) in 1943. He studied at San Antonio Junior College, where he awoke his theatrical vocation by reading Waiting for Godot by Beckett. At age 19 he settled in at the Greenwich Village New York, worked as a waiter in a boite and met Woody Allen. He began his theatrical production with pieces in an act such as Cowboys and The Stone Garden, brought to the stage in 1964 by the Off-Off-Broadway Company. During the second half of the sixties, apart from continuing to write theater, he traveled non-stop throughout the country and played drums in the group Acid Rock. The tourist (1967) was his first long work, followed by Operation Sidewinder (1970), The Curse of the Hungry Class (1976), Children buried (1978), Fool for Love (1983) and Mental Lie (1986), among others. With Buried Child, he won the Pulitzer Prize, never before awarded to a work premiered in the Off-Broadway. Apart from this prestigious award, the writer received four Obie awards. Shepard became famous for his oblique arguments and mysterious characters, as well as for his images, in which he mixes the American West, pop art, science fiction and other elements of popular culture. As a screenwriter, he collaborated with Michelangelo Antonioni on Zabriskie Point (1970) and with Win Wenders in Paris, Texas (1984). He debuted as an actor in the seventies with Renaldo and Clara and then gave convincing performances in Days of Heaven, Resurrection, Raggedy Man, Chosen for Glory (for which he was nominated for an Oscar) and, sharing the limelight with Jessica Lange (with whom he was married), Frances, Country, Crimes of the heart and Fool for love. He lived several years in London, where he met Peter Brook and made his directorial debut. In television he appeared in telefilms and series such as Streets of Laredo, Lily Dale, Road to Hell and Dash and Lilly, for which he was a candidate for the Golden Globe and Emmy awards. Shepard has also been linked to the world of rock through figures such as Bob Dylan and Patti Smith




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