Summer Workshop for Adults


During the months of June and July of 2018, our summer workshop for adults was held. That opportunity that you expected so much already arrived. This time with the only difference of having no limits of age, talent, race, ethnicity, nationality.



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 We start from the basics (The necessary organic silence) to enter into issues of emotional domain and mind control. We fully cover the registration of each of your personalities and we help you to understand you for a better artistic result. What do you prefer? Cinema, Radio, Theater or TV. No matter what the choice is, here we help you not only to improve as an artist or become one but to always choose to be the best.


The body is one of the most important elements of an actor, that is why in Matices we teach you acrobatics. We teach you basic tricks and movements from simple to complicated that you could use on stage or that simply help you in your training as an actor. Stage acrobatics is applied to master fears and expand body capacity. This subject demands a high level of responsibility and discipline. 


The actor becomes more successful the more integral he is, that is, while he masters and knows more topics in relation to his task, the more easily he will have to reach his objectives.
Have you ever wondered how wounds are made in movies or on TV? Surely if. Well, you're lucky, join us and know how to make these incredible makeups.


We believe in the great difference that exists in our lives after taking acting classes. The great discoveries that begin to change your way of thinking and seeing life. The actor's work starts from the bottom of the soul, starting from within and expanding explosively and uniquely to various areas of today's society, according to the role played at the time of acting.


 One of the greatest opportunities that the students of the Academia Matices have is to be able to become part of our staging, filming or acting interviews. There have been many privileged, to be part of a day of recording with Telemundo or Univision, just to mention an example. The best thing about this news is that now we are giving this opportunity to you too.


Did you know that a person only listens up to 35% of their voice? Yes, with Matices Theater Company you will develop incredible language skills. You will have a lot of fun learning and incorporating new accents and languages, as well as imitating the funniest and most interesting voices you know. A vital tool for the actor and very neglected by the artistic guild today is the VOICE.



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