Summer Camp for Children

  This summer camp was organized by Matices Cultural Center (MCC), it was an initiative that took place during June and July of 2018. It was born from the interest of promoting art as a development strategy and promoting cultural activities that celebrate the Latino identity in Phoenix, Arizona.



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In Summer, during June and July of 2018, two workshops were offered at no cost in the areas of performing arts, dance and other activities, under the guidance of specialized long-term teaching artists. Likewise, we organized a great final presentation and open class where the participants could demonstrate what they had learned and exhibit their works.


The program focused on inclusion rather than artistic skills. For this reason, a candidate selection was not carried out, and all those who wanted it were accepted. 


We think that art represents an infinite space of expression, relationship, and growth, capable of breaking barriers and giving voice to all. 


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Hours: Tuesday and Thursday - 10:00am-12:00 pm

Location: 4030 N 27th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85022


Our summer camp was focused on:

· Promote values and identity through the creation of an artistic event for the entire community.
· Detect good artistic education practices that encourage the exercise of citizenship and make them accessible to all the interested parties.
· Guide the incorporation into artistic education plans and programs in the area of thematic lines related to the Spanish language and encourage the presence of professionals from the arts sector in this field.
· Offer a show for the community where they can enjoy and perceive the results of the summer camp.


Currently, in Arizona, there are numerous artistic-cultural initiatives that involve children and teenagers, but very few pursue a social purpose or are oriented to the Hispanic community in their language. 

    In the United States (USA) 54.1 million people live with Hispanic roots. They make up 17% of the population and by the year 2050, a total of 132.8 million inhabitants are expected.

    According to UNICEF, the knowledge that must be achieved by children in basic education will have to be associated with productive modernization, information technology and the performance of a new citizenry. All this under the development of skills that lead them to solve problems, make decisions and integrate art and communication into their training processes.


This summer camp supported efforts to strengthen local arts education programs. We intend to continue consolidating the existing relationship between art, culture, and education to allow knowledge and appreciation of Hispanic cultural diversity and encourage the development of greater citizenship skills. For being our first year as an organization, we plan to develop it only on weekends, and thanks to the results obtained, we hope to keep the event every year.

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The workshops were carried out through the game methodology as a means of expression, improvisation, and dramatization. Through these, the children were able to develop skills and attitudes necessary to perform adequately in each artistic field, enhancing their creativity, leadership qualities, and teamwork.



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